A startup’s story book. Starting a new chapter

A story about changes 

A startup’s story book. Starting a new chapter

A story about changes 

Change is natural. In fact it’s so natural that we change every day. It’s noticeable everywhere: the clothes we wear, the choices we make, the ideas we have, the things we value. A child aspires to become a bigshot adult as a start-up aspires to become a big business. We aspire to change.There’s lots of bumps in the road, but eventually, we make it happen.

EasySize started from a passion about e-commerce and a problem every online-shopper is familiar with. Imagine this: you go online, find clothes you like and order them. Then wait few days or weeks (depending on how lucky you are), the order finally arrives… and then comes that awful and annoying feeling when the clothes just don’t fit. Sounds familiar? Yes, the clothes shopping experience is still frustrating too often.

If only there was an easy way to define size that would spare you the size guides mess, personal questions and calculating what fits in what country — that was the idea EasySize started from. Crazy about e-commerce and ready to change the online-shopping we made our first step, a 1558 km long journey leading EasySize from Moscow to Copenhagen. This is how the idea born in Russia became a startup at a Startupbootcamp acceleration program and to run a business in Denmark.

Since that first step a lot of changes happened winter was pretty tough for EasySize (even though a Danish winter feels like a summer in Russia) with falls and rises. Do you remember having just finished school, full of energy and new ideas, ready to take over the world? Only to face a reality that doesn’t even come close to your dreams or expectations? That is how we felt with EasySize at the beginning, trying to determine the right vision and scope.

So it was not only tough but also an extremely productive winter which changed EasySize and steered it towards what it is today. We’ve been changing and moving on as fast as we can. And so, a new chapter in the company’s history began: with a new team, more accurate technology and better understanding of the market.

We were convinced that the right fitting service should be extremely easy to use for clients and online-shops but also accurate enough to predict a correct size. Our dream solution only has to ask clients about something that everyone knows or can easily check — the size of any piece of clothing they own. The solution is built on a technology using various factors to analyse online-shops orders records. It means that the size is calculated not based on what clients think they look like or prefer to think they look like, but what they actually buy, return and do not return.

After a few tries this March we finally finished this technology and got a real proof during the first test with an online-shop. In 74,3% of the cases, the technology correctly predicted the correct size for clients and the accuracy will only improve as we get more online shops integrated.

We made it extremely easy, not only for online shoppers, but for online retailers as well. Imagine a service which can decrease returns, optimise your business, help you understand your customers better and offer them a new shopping experience. A service that does all that and can be integrated to your store less than 1 hour literally by “copy-pasting” a snippet of code. You don’t have to imagine it, such a service already exists. And now it’s even closer — especially if the online-shop uses Shopify or Opencart e-commerce platform.

Behind of it — the great team based in Copenhagen. The team’s been changing, we got some talented new people on board and with the new team EasySize is ready to explore and change the market on a new professional level.

So what’s next?

We have more exciting news for you, but you will have to be patient and savor the mystery a bit longer. For now, enjoy the summer and stay in touch to know more.

Please welcome new EasySize: still easy, but now faster and more accurate.

Image source: Shutterstock

Gulnaz Khusainova, CEO & Founder of EasySize