Announcing the roundtable discussion’s participants of the FashTech event on 7th of August

Announcing the roundtable discussion’s participants of the FashTech event on 7th of August

We are happy to reveal the roundtable discussion’s participants at the “Bridging the Gap Between Fashion and Online Shoppers” event.

Introducing the Roundtable table participants:

Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2002 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With its own stores in Berlin, Aarhus and Copenhagen as well as an on-line store, Wood Wood is directed by co-founders Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen.

Katoni is an online shop that brings together fashion from a large number of Danish and foreign fashion brands. Katoni offers its online shoppers a clear and easy way to find fashion pieces for the best price.

The Cloakroom offers a personal shopper for the male customers. The company lets men receive hand selected outfits from a personal stylist. The Cloakroom pays big attention to customer experience and satisfaction.

FashionFinder is a new mobile shopping guide that brings together all the fashion shops and brands in one mobile search solution and shows the customers exactly where to find the brands they are looking for, when customers are out shopping.

Atosho’s proprietary platform for Distributed eCommerce enables consumers to buy a product directly out of a publisher’s editorial content — whether that’s an article, a product review, an image, or any other digital content that creates demand — and the user completes the purchase right on the site.

The questions we will discuss:

-What are the main online shopper’s expectations while shopping online?

-How to understand and listen to online shopper’s needs?

-What are the changes in customers’ online shopping behaviour?

-What are the areas in which fashion e-commerce will focus most in the near future?



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