Behind The Styling Business

Interview with Julia L., former personal stylist and now Product & Business Developer @ EasySize

Behind The Styling Business

Interview with Julia L., former personal stylist and now Product & Business Developer @ EasySize

There is no doubt that personal styling services are getting more familiar for online shoppers. The personal shopping industry has grown 4.1 percent to $761 million over the past five years, according to research company IBISWorld.

Hiring stylists used to be a luxury privilege for the rich and famous shoppers. Today, such well-known styling services as Stylit, Trunk Club, The Cloakroom & many more are shaking up that old notion, offering sartorially challenged shoppers a chance to get professional service (Mashable.)

We caught up with Julia, former personal stylist, to learn more about this industry.

What is a styling service? How is it different from a regular online shopping?

A styling service is a service that helps shoppers to improve their wardrobe and consults on how to style clothes. In my personal opinion, styling service has some great advantages over regular online shopping:

  1. You don’t need to go online shopping — the stylist does it for you.
  2. It’s hassle-free and saves you a lot of time.
  3. You can try as many clothes as you like, but you end up paying only for the clothes which you want to keep.
  4. Your personal shopper plans your wardrobe for you, according to the season and new fashion trends.
  5. The personal shopper is someone whom you can always call & discuss fashion with — just like a good friend!

Why some online shoppers choose online styling services?

Your clothes and style say a lot about who you are as a person. For example, I had some customers who got promoted and suddenly needed to dress more professional. In this way, a stylist has to figure out what clothes fit his/her client’s work environment as well — whether they wear more formal clothes (for example, shirts and blazers) or is it more casual wear (like t-shirts and jeans.) By having your own personal stylist, you can look like the person you want to be, without compromising too much with who you are outside the work environment. It’s also about finding the end of the customers’ comfort zone and then pushing 10 % more. In the end, feeling good in your new clothes & style definitely boosts your confidence.

How did you get to learn about your customers’ taste & preferences?

After signing up, a customer provides his/her measurements, but a stylist will always have to double check. That is because people actually do not know their real size and fit in different brands. Surprisingly (or not), a lot of men don’t even buy their own clothes and, therefore, have no experience or knowledge about their fit at all. A stylist then holds a “style session” where they learn about their preferences, daily routines, hobbies, etc. Sometimes, stylists also try to push the customers to get a bit out of the comfort zone and try on new things, if they feel that it is needed.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a stylist?

Even though I’d like to think that every person is an individual, the truth is, that there are so many similar types of people that work almost in the same field, wearing almost the same type of clothes. When I realized this, it gave me a good base of knowledge of what these types of people would wear and how much they’d spend on clothes. Furthermore, I really learned the importance of dressing according to your body type, and some brands just work better for tall, skinny people, whereas other brands would be perfect for short, muscular customers. Lastly, knowledge about textile is really important. For example, if a customer lives an active life, clothes of natural fibres will give the body more air to breathe. Being a stylist is not just picking out nice clothes but learning about individual person’s needs, lifestyle, fit & size and much more.

Julia has recently joined EasySize and is making our fitting & sizing tool even more accurate for the online shoppers.

Julia has a bachelor’s degree in Design Culture and Economics.

She has also opened her first second-hand store with hand picked items when she was only 20.

A few years after, She worked as a personal stylist at The Cloakroom.

Would you like to reach to Julia to talk more about online shopping and/or fit & size issue in the fashion world? Drop her a message at

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