The first £1bn online shopping day

This year Black Friday is projected to reach the UK’s first £1bn online shopping day. The £1bn milestone will be will be driven by the growth of online shopping generally, alongside an increased awareness of Black Friday and the deals available. (Source: Forbes article)

What is more, this year, even 4 times more online shoppers will join Black Friday shopping day. “The study of 6,000 online shoppers in June, revealed that while only 8% of those surveyed made online purchases on Black Friday 2014, 30% planned to buy on Black Friday 2015.” (Source: eDigital Research for Yodel, June 2015)

What we learned from the 2014 Black Friday

While Black Friday should be a great day for online shop owners, they must ensure that their online shop runs smoothly and that they meet their online shoppers’ expectations.

Last year’s example proves that retailers need to think about running sales smoothly and strengthen their websites some time before, states Glen Burson (CTO at Salmon), . “Black Friday 2014 was bigger than any UK retailer could have anticipated and whilst they forecasted a spike on the peak trading day, many back-end systems weren’t ready to cope with this new phenomenon. This caused websites to crash, orders to be lost and other similar issues. <…> “ (Source: Forbes article)

1 in 3 online shoppers returned what they bought in 2014

What is more, last year, one out of three online shoppers returned what they bought on Black Friday. Approximately 30mln unwanted goods worth a total of £500mln will be returned during the holiday period this year, according to research by LCP Consulting, a logistics consultancy. Also, returns average from 15–20 % across ecommerce, although fashion e-retailers see much higher rates of up to 50%. (Source: Financial Times, 2014)

When talking about fashion e-commerce, the biggest reason for high return rates is the fit & size issue. “Some 70% of all returned garments online are fit related. Furthermore, fit has a huge impact on brand loyalty with 85% of consumers saying they go back to a brand specifically because of how it fits them. “ (Ed Gribbin, I love Fashion Retail post).


One of the possible ways to address the returns issue during the holidays season is using efficient fitting tool. While there are various different solutions tackling the sizing and fitting issues in fashion e-commerce, just a few help shoppers to pick the right size not only for themselves, but also while buying gifts and presents.

EasySize is one these services. It’s considered to be the simplest sizing & fitting tool on the market, as it doesn’t require any garments or body measurements. EasySize uses a data-driven algorithm, which predicts the correct clothing size by using a previous orders & returns history of shoppers. This seemingless and smooth experience doesn’t distract customers from shopping and takes on average 40 secs. only.


Technology behind EasySize takes various “fashion” factors in consideration: from a manufacturing country to a collection or a clothing cut. So the predicted size reflects style and shopping preferences of each unique online shopper.

It currently covers more than 500 fashion brands including Calvin Klein, Vero Moda, Adidas, DKNY and many other. EasySize has already collected millions data points from more than half a million unique users.

Simple-to-use and correct sizing can truly make a difference for online retailers’ business. Shoppers, using EasySize, return 35–40% less, as well as have 25–42% higher conversion to sales.

Let’s talk!

Black Friday is an exciting and important time of the year for the fashion retailers. Online shoppers became more sophisticated, therefore, shops need to provide a clear and relevant shopping experience.

There is still time to make all the necessary changes, so make sure to be fully ready for the Black Friday on 27th of November.

Finally, only for this period of time and only for our readers, EasySize offers its tool for free in order to help you to handle the Christmas sales period (no credit card attached). Reach out to us or sign up to get your Black Friday present.

Let us take care of your customers’ fit this Black Friday!