More than 70 fashion industry’s representatives gathered on 7th of August to discuss the fashion technology and e-commerce at the “Bridging the Gap Between Fashion and Online Shoppers’ event. The event was sold out and it was one of the last closing events of the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015 .

The event started with Manou Messman’s introduction and explanation of the gap that exists between fashion and online shoppers. Manou focused as well on the relationship between fashion and customers and how their relationship has shifted during the time.

One of the slides from the presentation “Gap between fashion and consumers”

Manou Messman, Expert in Fashion dynamics and Consumer behavior, “Gap between fashion and consumers”

The event continued with the presentation from Lise Elbaek-Jespersen, Retail Industry Manager at Google Retail Denmark. Her presentation “Creating Digital Transformation in Fashion ” argued on the importance to recognise that all retail sales will be influenced by digital behavior, how important is to focus on the user and concluded with a thought that Retail is a Fight or Flight game — either you go digital or you die.

One of the slides from the “Creating Digital Transformation in Fashion ” presentation

Lise Elbaek-Jespersen, Retail Industry Manager at Google Retail Denmark, “Creating Digital Transformation in Fashion ”

Gulnaz Khusainova, CEO and Founder of Easysize, finished the first part of the event by explaining the Big Data’s importance and influence in fashion.

Gulnaz Khusainova, CEO and Founder of Easysize, “Data in Fashion E-­commerce”

“The demand from the online shoppers in increasing significantly every day. Online shops need to learn that they can provide better service and higher customer satisfaction by reading data about their customers: when and what they buy, what are their style/fit preferences, how their shopping behaviour is shifting during the time, and more. By knowing this information, online shops will be able to provide more personalised shopping experience for the online shoppers and base their strategical decisions on up-to-date numbers and data.”, concludes Gulnaz, CEO and Founder of Easysize.

One of the slides from the “Big Data in Fashion” presentation

The second part of the event continued with the roundtable discussion, moderated by Janne Villadsen, journalist & partner at the creative communications agency Force of Nature. The discussion’s participants were questioning and discussing where the fashion will move in regards to ecommerce and brick and mortar stores in the near future. The roundtable discussion consisted of such well-known companies as Wood Wood, Katoni, Fashion Finder, Atosho and The Cloakroom.The roundtable discussion was filmed and it will be published in a short time.

“I believe it is very important and of course very inspiring to talk about fashtech in the industry and how to improve e-commerce. Our world is changing 24–7 in a pace where things turn upside down during a night. When new technologies emerge on the market, the new possibilities follow and a changed behavior will come as well. You need to understand the environment your are in –especially if you are working with fashion”, concludes one of the keynote speakers, Manou Messman.

Finally, the event ended with networking and cocktails from the event’s sponsor Savanna Cider and Voza Vodka from The Viking Solutions.

“We are happy to gather the fashion industry once again to discuss the most important topics right now. This is already a second event EasySize has organised this year and we are planning some more exciting projects in the near future. Follow our social media channels to hear more from us soon”, concludes Gulnaz, EasySize.

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EasySize is a data-driven technology defining clothing sizes and decreasing returns for online-shops. It helps online shops to save money and offer their clients a new shopping experience. EasySize has proven to decrease returns by 35–40% and save up to 7% of revenue for online-shops. EasySize is currently successfully working with online shops in Denmark, UK, USA and Germany. EasySize has previously organised a fashion technology meetup to discuss the “Ethical Consumerism” (See more about the event here.)