Easysize partners up with the men swimwear brand Peninsula

Easysize partners up with the men swimwear brand Peninsula

Peninsula’s customers are now able to buy the new swimwear in their right fit & size

This week, just when the summer is about to visit Europe, EasySize kickoffs a collaboration with the Italian men swimwear brand Peninsula. Peninsula swimwear announces the start of their Kickstarter campaign in order to introduce the company to the customers.

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According to the Edoardo Pasolini, the most important task during the Kickstarter campaign is to ensure that customers get to know the brand and that their purchases fit them.Therefore, the men swimwear brand invited EasySize to partner up in order to provide the best fit & size for their new customers.

“We are glad to provide the size & fit solution for men buying Peninsula swimwear this summer. This project shows, that our database, containing more than 500 brands, is already big and efficient to cover even such niche types of clothing. EasySize is not limited to any types of clothing, and we are more than curious and excited to participate in many more collaborations like this in the near future. Follow our’s and Peninsula’s exciting journey!”, concludes Gulnaz Khusainova, CEO & Founder of EasySize.

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Take a look at the exciting EasySize and Peninsula collaboration on the Kickstarter campaign and welcome 2015 summer season with the best fitted men swimwear!

About Peninsula.

Peninsula is a line of swimwear completely conceived and designed in Italy. In order to guarantee top-end manufacture and scrupulous attention to detail, each stage of the company’s production process is rigorously supervised. Peninsula combines an innate passion for style, creativity, tradition, elegance and exotic appeal.

About EasySize.

EasySize is a data-driven technology defining clothing sizes and decreasing returns for online-shops. It helps online shops to save money and offer their clients a new shopping experience. EasySize has proven to decrease returns by 35–40% and save up to 7% of revenue for online-shops. EasySize is currently successfully working with online shops in Denmark, UK, USA and Germany.

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