Enkel- means “simple” in danish.

There are hundreds of new fashion companies opening everyday. When all the niches seems to be filled in, there are still some companies, which are seeking for something more and different. In this case, something different not only for the customers, but for our planet and workers behind the clothes.

Who: Maja Trolle, Founder at Enkel Basics

What: Sustainably produced essential basic

How do you explain what “sustainable clothes” are to those people, who have never heard about it, or just never actually read what it is?

Sustainable clothes are clothes, that are made with extra care to protect the environment and the people involved in the manufacturing process.
I think, a lot of people have heard about the poor conditions in many of the factories producing fast fashion. Especially the terrible accident at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in 2013, where a building collapsed and many workers were killed, was an eye opener. When the current reality is like this, it’s easy to understand how an alternative, that makes workers’ conditions better, is a more sustainable solution.

Tell us about your decision to start your own brand.

Enkel Basics came to life as a combination of two things — an overall vision that fashion manufacturing is ripe for a positive change, as really very few changes are needed to make production more sustainable. And secondly, there is a need for a more basic, less trend influenced wardrobe in high quality, at a reasonable price.
In October ’14 I left my job at the menswear brand I was working for and went right to work on Enkel together with my team Maj Britt Thusgaard Larsen, Mia Jung and Simon Thordal. Now we are ready to produce our line of men’s and women’s premium, sustainable basics and are fundraising our first T-shirts on Kickstarter.

What is “Kickstarter”, and how are you using it?

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform open to non-investors, which means that you and I, and everyone else, can help fund projects that would otherwise be too costly of an affair for the few people making them.
We are crowd-funding our first T-shirt line on Kickstarter and our campaign ends January 16th. People are backing us by purchasing a T-shirt with a future delivery. The funds will be used to finance our first production run.

Enkel Basics has started their fund-raising campaign in the middle of December and has already raised 96% of the needed funds to kick-start their production.

If you are curious to read more about how Enkel Basics makes their production sustainable and what are this company’s future plans, we’ll post our new blog post about it next Thursday! And for now, check theirKickstarter- or become one of the first customers!

To be continued…