Fashion bloggers review #3

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet” — Carrie Bradshaw

How much does that sound similar to you? If you are sitting there smiling because you have the same joy of seeing hanged clothes in your closet or having the same idea of good investment, this is definitely something that you should check out. Let the new styles inspire and brighten another day of yours.

Dear fashion lovers, we have already pictured Copenhagen fashion scene with the top bloggers last time, how about visiting Prague this week? Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Weekend 2014 is right around the corner! Have you had this largest fashion event in the Czech Republic marked down on your calendar? It is obviously an international event that attracts all the coolest people working in the fashion industry, especially from the Czech and Slovak Republics. Are you excitedly packing for Prague just to be alive with the design n fashion? Or would you be happy enough as usual, chilling with your coffee and checking out these top 5 fashion bloggers in Prague? Let’s see how amazing they are!

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Karolina Havlkov (Changing Room)[/caption]

“I write mainly about fashion, but also cosmetics tips or how to be fit.”
#changingroom #fashion #cosmetics #beingfit

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Barbora Ondrackova (Vogue Haus)[/caption]

“I love fashion, photography and traveling — and here’s a diary of it.”
#voguehaus #fashion #photography #travelling

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Martina Bechyňová (The Blondieverse)[/caption]

“I’m a 21 year old fashionista living in Prague”
#theblondieverse #fashionista #lifestyle #trends

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Lucie (Luckapucka)[/caption]

A fashion blogger comes from Prague but is living in Copenhagen, who sure makes the good scene of both cities!
#luckapucka #streetstyles #prague #copenhagen

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Jana (Boulevard de Prague)[/caption]

“I am a fashion enthusiast with a creative soul”
#boulevarddeprague #streetstyle #creative #music #cuisine

Are you impressed by these stunning fashion bloggers? Always keep in mind that we can always dive deeper into the scene if you suggest the blogger that you are interested in. Since we are all fascinated by fashion and styles, getting to know the bloggers better will definitely help us figure out which our own closets need the most.

Got your favorite blogger there? Don’t hesitate to vote for whom we should visit next week!

Let’s celebrate Prague’s 2014 largest fashion event together!


— Linh Ha, Marketing Assistant

Image Source: MM Zone Blog