Insights and Trends of the E-commerce business in 2015

E-commerce representatives gathered at LeWeb’14 in order to discuss and share most recent insights and trends.

Insights and Trends of the E-commerce business in 2015

Panel discussion at LeWeb’14

E-commerce representatives gathered at LeWeb’14 in order to discuss and share most recent insights and trends.“The way we shop is changed forever. From the availability of custom options to improvements in virtual sizing, everything is now possible in an online experience. E-commerce retailers that started out as online stores seem to be quicker at adopting new technologies than the more traditional companies. If traditional companies are to catch up, they must find more synergy between their e-commerce effort and their bricks and mortar shops.”, states in the LeWeb event description.


Soraya Darabi, Co-Founder, Zady

Companies need to inform their customers where their pieces come from and how they are made in order to value the craftsmanship of it. They need to re-shape consumers thinking about fast fashion and consumerism.

Thierry Petit, CEO, Showroomprive

Smartphones are disrupting the e-commerce business. Around 50% of sales are made on mobile at Showroomprive- the consumer behavior is changing. Also, you have to adapt the private sales model according to the new market, in order for it to work.

David Lindsay, SVP, Technology, Farfetch

Presumption that the internet is cheap is slightly changing- luxury brands’ shops are focusing more on high quality service and brand personalization. They try to keep brands’ identity and let them express themselves, without being too “mainstream”.

Kathleen Mitchell, VP, EMEA, Stella & dot

For some companies, offline business drives most of the conversion. On the other hand, the bet solution is letting the customer choose from both online and offline shop solutions to find what fits him/her best.

Ning Li, Co-founder & CEO,

In order to overcome the barrier of buying the luxury furniture online and not being able to actually touch it, created a network, turning existing customers’ houses in to the showrooms.

To sum up, here are the future trends of the E-commerce, according to the panel discussion:

1. The globalization of the e-commerce, adapting your business to the new market.

2. E-commerce shops are going to shift their attention to mobile storytelling experience.

3. E-commerce shops will be more open for communication, in order to better respond for the consumer needs.

4. More brands will be focusing on the ethical consumerism.

In conclusion, more and more online shops try to understand their customers’ needs and provide them with better, unique shopping experience. In order to do that, companies reach out for best technology solutions- from turning clients homes into the showrooms and providing a digital map for that (, to gathering and presenting customers all possible information about the garment (Zady).

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