Integrating the sizing solution has never been easier

Integrating the sizing solution has never been easier

It is not a secret, that integrating new features and plugins for an online shop can be a time-consuming and frustrating process — no matter whether it is a lack of communication or confusing integration processes,

It gets even more complicated, when an online shop wants to enable a sizing/fitting solution, helping to pick a right clothes size. Often it requires an advanced API integration, data of product measurements, size guides and overall takes days, if not weeks.

At EasySize, our aim is to always work on simplification and optimisation of processes for online shops. We believe, that the perfect sizing / fitting solution has to be not only easy for customers to use, but also for online shops to integrate.

Therefore, we are excited to present you the improved integration setup for fashion online shops. It is secure to use, easy to implement and compatible to start with any platform, used by an online shop. Moreover, the integration requires neither any product measurements, nor payment or personal information. It is absolutely free and just in 1–2 hours EasySize can be enabled for all customers and products in an online shop.

Integration takes just a few simple steps:

1. Tell us about your shop

Answer a few questions and add a brief information about your shop: URL, number of brands you sell, supported languages etc.

2. Add your team

Be sure to add your teammates to run the process smoothly. If you work with an external team of developers, simply assign them and enable their access to the integration dashboard.

3. Integrate via API

EasySize API can be integrated with any e-commerce platform, including the custom ones. You will be asked to add a code snippet to the web-site and specify the product page attributes: brand, category, size selector etc. Check the full technical documentation here.

4. Enable the orders & returns data

EasySize’s core algorithm analyses orders & returns data provided by various shops. All the data is completely secure, confidential and does not contain any personal or payment information. We value your time and do not ask for any additional information like clothing measurements or product photos. You can review the requirements and simply upload the historical data during the integration.

We know that data is a sensitive topic, therefore we are there for you 24/7 and can help with any enquires.

5. Test and go live

Add test and production servers to test EasySize, once the integration is completed. You can also pick a specific date, if the launch has to be aligned with any other updates on your web-site, for example, Christmas design. (Find out more about getting ready for the holidays season)

One login to manage it all

Once EasySize is launched, you can use the login to access the Dashboard analytics, edit payment information and the 24/7 customer support from our team. Sounds interesting?

Sign up today and get one month for free!