Is there a glass ceiling for female entrepreneurs?

Is there a glass ceiling for female entrepreneurs?

EasySize Founder & three other entrepreneurs shared their experience at the 45th. St.Gallen Symposium

Panel discussion “Proudly entrepreneurial — smart ways beyond the glass ceiling” took place on 7 May at the St. Gallen Symposium annual event. The discussion aimed to answer the question, whether entrepreneurship is a way to overcome gender inequality when it comes to access to capital, networks, education, infrastructure and technology today. Therefore, four female entrepreneurs were invited to share their own experience and compare notes. Those included: Alice Bentinck (GB) Co-Founder at Entrepreneur First, Lauren Currie (GB) Programme Manager at Hyper Island, Miku Hirano (JP) CEO at Cinnamon and Gulnaz Khusainova (DK/RU) Founder and CEO of EasySize. The discussion was moderated by Peter Day, Global Business Correspondent at BBC News.

The discussion raised the question as well, why there are so few women in technology and entrepreneurship. One of the things Alice Bentinck (Co-Founder at Entrepreneur First) and other participants agreed on, is that there is a need to change not only the number of women in these fields but their attitudes, encourage them to be confident and start up, as well. “It’s not just interest in technology but it’s also building confidence and changing attitudes.”- concluded the participants at the panel discussion.

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“Being female entrepreneurs, we often get questioned of our capabilities and skills to lead a company. I feel honoured of having the possibility to participate in the discussion at the St. Gallen Symposium. It was great to hear stories from other entrepreneurs and I hope the discussion inspired or will inspire other women to start their own business one day”- concludes Gulnaz K., CEO & Founder of EasySize.

About St.Gallen Symposium. The St. Gallen Symposium is a global gathering of Leaders of Today and Tomorrow that takes place annually in May at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Over the past four decades the two-day symposium has become a meeting place for the various innovative European business and academia representatives. This year, the symposium’s 300 corporate partners included big corporate names such as Accenture, Microsoft , UBS, BMW, HP, ABB and others.

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