My Fashion Brand. maxjenny!

EasySize begins the series of blog posts “My Fashion Company”. The purpose of this project is to discover designers and fashion brands. We aim to inspire young fashion designers to find their true “self” and boost creativity. To begin with, we decided to say hi to the outstanding Copenhagen based fashion company, which is well known for its unique style. Here is a closer look at maxjenny!.

About the brand

Is a young, niched and pioneering fashion brand, based in Scandinavia. Dedicated to innovation, wearability and function. maxjenny! is designed, constructed and run by Maxjenny Forslund since 2011.

About the designer

My name is Maxjenny Forslund, autodidact fashion designer, from The Royal Danish School of Design in Denmark. I specialize in printed fabrics/outfits.

I do the prints myself and my speciality is folding fabric from high-quality sustainable materials.

I apply the art form, reduction of seams and I strive to avoid sharp boundaries between the seasons.

Style that works well, transcends seasonal trends!

Q & A with maxjenny!

Favourite colours? Pink, Cerise, Orange

The most beloved piece of your brand? My poncho-I wear it everyday

A person you would like to meet for a coffee? My mom

Least favourite colour? Beige

Your new year’s resolution includes..? 2015 is my year!

[caption id=”attachment_1226" align=”alignnone” width=”750"]

Photo: Kathrine Rohrberg Stylist: Eloise Florio Hair / Make Up: Anna-Karin Sjöberg[/caption]

Describe your customer in a few words? Bold, cool, dary.

What do you do after work? Taking care of my family- it is a job too!

From where do you get most of the inspiration? I work every day in silence in my company- it is truly inspiring.

The moment you realised you want be a designer? After my career as a furniture designer.

[caption id=”attachment_1227" align=”alignnone” width=”750"]

Photo: Henrik Brus Stylist: Tine Berg[/caption]

What did you wear on your last big occasion? A great maxjenny! outfit, of course- my fold dress from the upcoming AW15 collection.

What do you always carry in your purse? Business cards, almonds, water and a pen.

Best thing that has happened to maxjenny! ? We started selling in the USA!

Finally what does the future hold for maxjenny! ?Next project is to translate my colourful collection of prints into knitted items, make co-labs with eyewear, boots, swim wear etc.-you can apply my prints on anything. Also, -expand into Japan and the rest of Asia.

For more inspiration, visit maxjenny! home.

Curious to read more about inspiring fashion brands? Next month’s “My Fashion Company” story will cover the Dutch fashion brand KUYICHI. Stay tuned with our blog to hear their story!

Ieva Smitaite, Communications @EasySize