Online-shopping survey’s results

We are glad to announce you a great news: the results of the online-shopping survey, conducted by EasySize, have just been released! We have been running the survey since the end of this June on a relatively large scale. Hence, the results are diverse with respondents aging 16–51, being of different backgrounds and coming from 24 countries.

EasySize has conducted a survey since June 2014, aiming at understanding better online-shoppers, who have experienced shopping clothes online and faced some particular problems.

Besides various benefits of online clothes shopping, there are still some risks that should be watched out. We all know they do exist, however, we barely understand them. Running the survey, we want to dive deeper into the itches of e-commerce in general and online clothes shopping in particular. In other words, we want to understand online shoppers better, who have experienced buying clothes online and faced some particular problems.

A few minutes were taken from each online shopper and now some very interesting facts can be learnt. What is the most significant matter seen from the survey?

To begin with, let’s get to know better the biggest enemy of online clothes purchases, which is returns. 90% of shoppers did return clothes at least once, as being clearly seen from the survey. The pain is undeniably annoying for both shop-owners and shoppers. Why is that? Returns not only causes extra costs, but also leaves negative shopping experience, which in 64,6% of cases will lead to low repeat purchase rate.

To return or not to return? That is the question. As being shown apparently from the survey, the main reason to return is the fit problem: 65% of shoppers returned clothes to online shops are due to the wrong size. In addition, people did not return even though they were not satisfied, mainly because of difficult return conditions, high delivery cost, or simply laziness.

Obviously, the market is huge with increasingly growing demands for sizing solutions. In fact, quite many digital tools have been introduced to ease the pain so far. 71.7% of shoppers, however, said that they still use old-fashion solutions: checking size charts or ordering few sizes, which might be the reason why the pain is still there and itching more than ever. In order to solve fit problem, most of the current fitting solutions require users to share their body measurements. The survey shows that 51.3% of shoppers, however, are not willing to share their measurements on the internet. In addition, according to the survey, shoppers do not know their own measurements, or do not even want to measure themselves or don’t want to share it due to privacy matter. Truthfully speaking, most of us are hardly satisfied with our own body measurements, which might also affect a conversion to sales! Facing such a huge barrier, can the future of fitting tools still be seen?

Fortunately, there is a way to solve fit problem without making online shoppers bother too much about their body measurements. According to the survey, 55.8% of shoppers do know their size for a specific brand. Meanwhile, EasySize technology only requests a known brand size to define the correct size for any other brand. The data-driven technology analyses online-shops orders and returns data and is able to predict the correct clothes size in 79,45%.

As an insider in fashion technology industry and especially a sizing solution provider for online clothes shops, the figures and facts collected from the survey are definitely meaningful to us. Should you have the same interest in solving fit problem and wish to go further with the survey’s result, we would be glad to share it with you: Online clothes shopper survey’s result

Last but not least, in case you haven’t got a chance to take the survey, it is still on: Online-shopper survey. If you are interested in online clothes shopping or e-commerce, why not spending a few minutes to make it better? We can base on your answers to understand online shoppers better and go further in fixing the problems. Changes can be made to the current result of the survey. It is obvious that the more the survey is taken, the more efficient it becomes. Hence, you are welcome to take your chance!

— Linh Ha, Marketing Assistant