The perks of working in a fashion e-commerce startup

What is it like to work at EasySize?

The perks of working in a fashion e-commerce startup

What is it like to work at Easysize?

If you ask young entrepreneurs how do they feel about starting their own business, most of the time they will answer: “It feels like you’re jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down”. Working in a Startup is challenging in many ways as well. Therefore, EasySize decided to share fresh insights from Carlene and Pierre-Julien, who joined us for their summer internship. We will try to answer the question whether working in a startup is different compared to a “regular” job. One more thing… we will invite YOU to join our team as well! Continue reading…

Tell us a bit about yourself and what do you do in EasySize?

Carlene, Data Analyst intern at EasySize

Hi everyone, my name is Carlene and I am a student from the very mediocre United States of America. I am originally from Ohio but attend University at the Best school in the country, The University of Southern California (Fight On!). I just finished my second year majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in data science for my Bachelor degree and also completing a progressive masters degree in business analytics. At EasySize, I work with both the Development and Marketing teams to improve the company through data analytics.

Pierre-Julien, Developer Intern at EasySize

My name is Pierre-Julien, I’m a French student in an engineering school specialized in computing science. I just finished my 4th year of my study, so I’ve still one year remaining before getting the diploma. I’m currently doing an internship as a developer in EasySize. I am happy that I get to work both with front and back development, which really makes my days at EasySize exciting.

What is your overall experience in working in a startup? How is it different from a “regular” job?

Carlene: Working in a start-up has been a great experience. It is a fast paced environment where what I do has an effect on the company. Unlike a large corporation where interns are merely minions for other peoples’ projects, interns in startups receive their own projects just like a full-time employee. What is more, you learn so fast, and what you are doing has an actual effect on the companies. That is one of the things I enjoy the most. Last but not least, I like that the “old” team members welcome you as one of them, and already from day one I have as big of responsibilities as they do.

Pierre-Julien: It’s my first working experience in a startup, but I am already familiar with it since I’m launching one in France soon. There are many pros of working in a startup and I have to agree with all the points mentioned above. What is more, as a developer, we get to try, test and work with the latest technology solutions which is exciting and inspiring!

Be your own time manager while working in EasySize

The main reasons you decided to work in EasySize?

Carlene: As I was searching for things to do this summer, I came upon a study abroad program in Copenhagen. Months after I had signed up, my school told me the credits I would receive abroad would not count, so I went scouring the web for a new opportunity. I google searched data in Copenhagen and instantly came across EasySize. I find the online shopping world to be very fascinating and decided to investigate EasySize further. The product just amazed me and the power of data and algorithms bewildered me. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.

Pierre-Julien: I knew that I would like to have an experience abroad in a fast-growing startup, therefore, I found out about EasySize. Moreover, I was already familiar with the fact that nowadays returns are a big and expensive problem for all the online shops. Trying to resolve this issue with EasySize is really motivating and exciting.

Find the solution to the challenges at EasySize

What was your biggest personal challenge while working in EasySize and how did you solve it?

Carlene: The biggest challenge for me was actually applying the theoretical information I had learned at school. Having only completed my second year, most of the information I have learned is broad and theoretical, whereas I needed hard skills to complete my projects at EasySize. I spent time each morning learning SQL and took an online class on Google Analytics. I can say now, that I have learned more in these last few weeks than I ever thought possible. I now feel confident in my projects and am excited for what else the company has in store for me.

Pierre-Julien: My biggest personal challenge while working in EasySize was to contribute myself as much as possible. Therefore, I learned so many new things every day and I believe, it is the best challenge one can get. It simply motivates you to be the best in what you do.

Exploring the data in Fashion is exciting at EasySize

Why developer’s/data scientist’s job is interesting in a fashion e-commerce startup like EasySize?

Carlene: I think a data scientist’s job in a fashion e-commerce startup is interesting for two reasons. First of all, it is interesting to be working in the early stage of a company. Secondly, it is interesting to see the human behavior on an e-commerce site. The data coming from it is never what you would expect it to be and that’s the greatest part. I enjoy finding something spectacularly interesting and deciding what the company should do based on that information.

Pierre-Julien: Working in an E-Commerce startup like EasySize, it allows for a developer to take part in so many exciting projects. I have had the chance to work on the front end with the EasySize user interface, as well as on the back end when dealing with the algorithm and the data management.

And finally… Why someone should consider being the future intern of EasySize?

Carlene: I think EasySize is a great company to work in because of the learning experience you will receive. With your own projects and responsibilities comes great learning, learning that is invaluable for the future. Coming from the US, EasySize has more diversity in 11 people than I have ever experienced. The company is great, the people in it are even better and I would not have wanted to spend my summer any other way.

Pierre-Julien: If you would like to have an experience in a fast growing startup and you would like to know more about the startup spirit, then EasySize is a right choice for you!

Now you now a little bit more what is it like to be part of the EasySize team. Curious to learn more or even would like to join us? This is the current open position:

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Ieva Smitaite, Communications at EasySize