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What: “Son of a Tailor”, tailored t-shirts’ online shop

Who: CEO Jess Christian Fleischer

Where: Copenhagen

Can you shortly present yourself and your team behind the “Son of a Tailor”?

We are three people in a team- me (Jess), as a general manager, then there is Andreas, he’s the head of branding, design and visual identity and finally we have Pelle working with Marketing.

I have a background of online industry- I have worked for EBAY and before that, I have worked in consulting, business optimization and analysis. I started to develop the business idea while I was working at EBAY and at a certain point of time, it was time to go “all in” and to start a full time business development.

Your company is relatively new. When did it all start?

We launched our beta website in 2013 and we had been testing it until spring this year. When we felt that we had the concept right, we started a kickstarter campaign to go internationally and finally, few weeks ago, we launched our new website. We have always had the idea to have two launches, one for testing and then the final version.

How did you come up with the brand’s name and what is the story behind it?

We spent a lot of time looking at the brands’ names. At first, it was difficult to come up with a name, which would be stylish and at the same time it would communicate what our product is. So we thought that “son of a tailor” was a perfect match, because tailoring and craftsmanship is big part of our brand’s identity and since t-shirt represents “new age”, it made a perfect match to call our company “Son of a Tailor”. People ask me often, if I am the son of tailor. I am not, it’s the product. (Laughs).

So why tailored t-shirts business?

I believe, that nowadays a t-shirt is more than just a simple t-shirt, and men are in more shapes than the supply can provide. Our customers tell us, that they love the “Son of a Tailor” t-shirts, mainly because they can finally get their t-shirts perfectly fitted. Once, like me, they had a problem of finding a t-shirt with perfect measurements for them. I think the biggest problem is that t-shirts come in these standardized sizes (like s, m, l, xl) and I believe is should be more individual than that, especially if you are wearing your t-shirt as a formal outfit piece, like a suit or shirt, as I am doing right now. What i mean, is that t-shirt can also be a way to represent yourself, therefore it should flatter you. Also, I believe, there is a convenience element in shopping in the “Son of a Tailor” online shop. Let’s be honest, men don’t like shopping, and I speak from my personal experience as well. And it is not that they don’t like the products or looking good, but I am talking about the shopping process in general. So our shop is a solution for that. Of course, men need to realise, that a little effort needs to be put in order to get their measurements right, but once they are done- they can start to order the right fitted t-shirts for the rest of their lives. (Smiles).

Why did you decide to do E-commerce business?

I think, that is a good question. In the beginning, I saw the advantage of doing e-commerce business, because it is cheapest supply chain.To be able to reach our audience with affordable price, we needed to “cut out” all the “middlemen” in our supply chain. But that was our initial idea. On the other hand, we decided to do a collaboration with an exclusive shop called “Axel” here, in Copenhagen, which suggested selling our t-shirts in their shop. Customers there have an opportunity to be measured by sales assistants and then we create tailored t-shirts just for them. I personally believe, that this online-offline business strategy is extremely interesting. In the end, there is no such thing as a pure online customer or offline customer, they are in both places, so a company needs to find a good combination to match it .That’s the future of e-commerce in general, I think.

Can you share with us the biggest e-commerce challenges you faced so far?

The challenge of selling clothes online is that men are not able to physically touch and feel the materials. That is why the combination of online and offline shops is so convenient- men go to the shop, then decide, if the product is good enough for them, and afterwards some of them will buy the same product online. And it works pretty well both ways, because our brand is attracting new customers to the shop as well.

Moreover, the last challenge for a startup online shop is that for some new customers there is a trust issue, when talking about buying online and credit cards.

What is waiting for “Son of the Tailor” in a near future world?

People ask me, if we are going to do something more than just t-shirts. Well, no. We feel that there is such a huge potential for the t-shirts and we are going to stick with it. Of course, we are going to have a bigger selection than now, like polo or long sleeves, and all kinds of other classical styles. We are thinking as well about a separate line or collaborations for sweaters, but it is all in the future.

In the end, we want to be known because of our tailoring and quality, not designs or various products. But maybe we’ll do some adventurous projects as well, who knows?


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