EasySize, a data-driven sizing & fitting solution for online shops, has analysed male online shops’ purchase records in order to determine, which brands and clothes categories are not clear in size or fit for male online shoppers.

The research suggests, that 72.77% of all returns cases happen due to the wrong size or fit: a garment is too small (28.66%), a wrong fit of a garment (22.35%), a garment is too big (21.76%). It once again confirms, that sizing & fitting online is the biggest obstacle in fashion ecommerce both for the online shoppers and retailers.

It is also interesting, that together with “Jeans”, which is considered to be one of the most complicated category in sizing, “T-shirt” category is also in the top list. Based on internal stats, EasySize’s assistance is requested the most on the above mentioned categories as well. It proves, that customers do not only struggle with picking the right size, but also are looking for a help and recommendation regarding this issue,

We used data to answer these questions regarding men online shopping:

  • The most common reasons to return
  • The most returned clothes categories
  • The most returned brands (because of wrong size/fit)
  • The least returned brands

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